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Customer rating: 5 Stars; Size: 32 m; Speed: 12 knots

Capacity: 16; Activities: Scuba Diving, Surfing and Cruising.

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Theia was launched in 2010, and is a stylish 104-feet cruising yacht that offers all the amenities you would expect from a high-class Maldivian liveaboard, as well as the comfort and luxury of a private yacht. There are 8 cabins on Theia, providing accommodation for up to 16 guests. The Theia liveaboard holds liveaboard scuba diving cruises each month, for either seven or ten nights, during which time guests have the opportunity to travel around the atolls of the Maldives, visiting some of the finest dive sites in the world.


Dinning & Accommodation:

The cuisine on board of Theia is a mixture of Asian and European dishes and food service alternates between buffets and table service. Apart from various fruit juices and soft drinks, there is also chilled beer on draught and an extensive list of international wines and cocktails.

Meals: breakfast - fresh bread, toast, butter and jam, egg dishes of your choice, tropic fruits, fruit juice and national dishes such as tuna with coconut, lime and chilies. Lunch - is offered as buffet with light dishes as chicken, fish, pasta, rice, vegetables, salads and fruits. Dinner - is served as a four course meal.


Theia has a total of just eight guest cabins: two of them are luxurious Sea View Suites on the upper deck; four Superior Cabins - each with one big double and one single bed plus one Deluxe Cabin with double bed - are located in the lower deck. One Superior double bed cabin is available on main deck. All cabins are furnished in a modern Asian style.

In case of an exclusive booking for a full charter, two of the Superior Cabins on the lower deck can be booked as triple accommodation, upon request.


Diving :

Theia does not follow fixed itineraries, however the top priority is to show you the most beautiful and renowned dive sites of the Maldives. Therefore the route is decided depending on the season and the weather conditions. At the beginning of every trip a rough route will be announced, followed by daily, more detailed briengs. Before every dive a thorough brieng will be given and a detailed map of the site will be shown.


Required dive certification:

The minimum requirement is a PADI Open Water Diver certificate or equivalent, which will allow you to dive to a maximum of 18m. This is the depth when a lot of the best dive sites begin to be really interesting, which is why we encourage our guests to obtain a PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certificate or equivalent before or during the cruise. This will allow you to dive to a maximum of 30m and fully explore the Maldives' best dive spots.







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