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GTM Cruiser

Rating: Deluxe Yacht; Size: 28m; Speed: 9-12 knots (18.6 - 22km/h); Capacity: 16 - 21

Scuba Diving, Cruising, Surfing, Fishing, Swimming, Snorkeling, Visit inhabited islands, Visits & BBQ to desert islands. 

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Launched in November, 2009, GTM Cruiser is a brand new deluxe yacht built in the Maldives. Offering luxury and conforming to all international maritime safety requirements, GTM Cruiser is certainly amongst the best in its class and presents a blend of traditional boatbuilding, modern design and the latest technology. It is custom-designed to cruise the waters of the Maldives. The best way to spend your holidays is doing nothing. Just board GTM Cruiser, and you will be taken to explore through waters of azure lagoons, coral gardens bustling with multi colored marine life, snow white sandy beaches circling lush green patches of islands, caressing cool breezes of the Indian Ocean, breath taking sun sets, moonlit silvery nights and the serenity as a whole that would re-awaken the mind and soul. For the active and the adventurous, GTM Cruiser will take you Diving, Snorkeling, Fishing and Surfing to some of the very famous areas in Maldives around, as well as the unfrequented and un spoilt dive sites, Surfing sites discovered on our quest through the atolls. We promise you an unforgettable Maldivian Experience on board GTM Cruise, from the beginning to the very end of your holiday.


Dinning & Accommodation:


Food will be prepared onboard by experienced chefs who are familiar with local dishes as well as the continental cuisines. The day starts with a delightful buffet breakfast that will fuel you up for the day ahead. Lunch and dinner are something to look forward to; sumptuous buffets consisting of delicious western and oriental fare mixed in with delightful varieties prepared with the fresh catch from the bountiful seas that surround you.


Regarding the accommodation, GTM Cruiser has: 5 cabins for double / single beds and 3 double rooms. All the cabins are very spacious and they have individually controlled air-conditioning, pleasant interiors, comfortable beds and en suite bathrooms with hot & cold water. The guest cabins offer the comfort you need after a day of action or relaxation. It is your very own sanctuary once you decide to retire after an evening of exotic cocktails under starlit skies, or an evening of fun on the beach on one of the many virgin islands of the Maldives.


Diving :

GTM Cruiser is equipped to take the most ardent dive group on tour. The boat is equipped has its own inventory of high quality dive gear, compressor and separate dive boat. The qualified professional dive guide will guide you on the specifics of each and every dive. A dive safari takes you away from the sites that are explored daily by resort guests. It takes you to sites inaccessible from resorts.


The boat moves to a new location every day, bringing you close to several exciting dive sites. It avoids long and tiresome trips to and back from the site. The numbers of dives per day is up to your choosing. Be it one or two dives during the day plus a night dive to observe the amazing transformation of the reef at night and its nocturnal creatures, the crew will accommodate your dive requirement whatever it may be.


Surfing :

GTM Cruiser gives you the opportunity to test the best known breaks in the North and South Male' Atolls as well as lesser known sites in atolls further to the south. The recognized surf season in the Maldives is the Southwest Monsoon, from May to October with the best surf coming in during March to May and then again in September till the end of November during which reef breakers can rise to an average of eight to ten feet.






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