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Adventurer II

Rating: Luxury Yacht; Size: 30m; Speed: 10 - 13 knots; Capacity: 20

Activities: Scuba Diving; Surfing and Cruising. 

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Adventurer II is a luxurious, quiet and comfortable motor yacht, which offers all the comforts of a resort. But, in the same time it has an important added advantage to take you to explore all the atolls, far from the masses of tourists and it is ideal or everyone who wants to enjoy the beauty of the Maldives.

Adventurer II has a Sun deck measuring 150 sqm, 2 Restaurants (indoors and outdoors in direct contact with the sea) and a Bar. It also provides: Mobile phone, Fax, Internet, Wi-Fi, TV with VCD and DVD, CB Radio, GPS and Eco scanner.


Dinning & Accommodation::

Adventurer II has two restaurants overlooking ocean. Your meals are cooked and served on buffet. With normal cruise you are entitled to have full board, breakfast, lunch and dinner. All meals are international cooked and made for your tastes. The cruiser also has an extensive bar with all international beverages from alcohol to non-alcohol. You are also taken to private BBQs to beaches and picnics to have a lunch on the sandy beaches.


Adventurer II has in total 8 cabins, with 4 double cabins and 4 Triple cabins (2 Meter bed Length) for a total of 20 guests. The cabins are air-conditioned with digital thermostat, Private Bath, Shower Stall, hot & cold fresh water. Towels in the rooms are replaced daily.


Diving :

During a stay on the Adventurer II, the aim is to visit the finest dive sites in the Maldives. Seasonal changes mean that the best sites vary with the time of the year, so our routes are always different. The Adventurer II crew is extremely familiar with all Maldivian dive sites and their aim is to ensure guests enjoy the liveaboard diving experience. Maps and briefings are provided for all dives.

For those wishing to learn to scuba for the first time, PADI certification courses (Open Water and Advanced) can be held on board but must be booked in advance. Divers can either bring their own equipment or rent from the safari boat, but again, this should be arranged in advance.


All dives are taken from the 60 foot Dhoni, a separate dive boat that travels with the Adventurer II. Equipment is also kept on board the Dhoni, making time aboard the Adventurer II more comfortable, since guests don't have to move their equipment from one boat to another. The Dhoni is also equipped with all the emergency supplies necessary.







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