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Mathiveri Inn Guest House 2**

Entertainment; Water Sports; Dolphin Watching; Day visit to Resort;

Fishing; Local Island Trip; Sand Bank Trip; Snorkeling. 

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The Island :

Mathiveri Inn is located in Mathiveri Island in Maldives, which is situated at the middle of North Ari Atoll. The distance from Male' is of 84.82km and you can reach it from after 6 hours by ferry service and after 2 hours by Speed Boat. Its population is of 834 inhabitants.The island, surrounded by the breathtaking ocean, measures about 0.775km in length and around 0.475 Km in width.


The Hotel :

Mathiveri is a place for everything, and everything in its place. Experience the island life, indulge in the local cuisine and explore the Maldivian culture. Relax and relieve your stress in its serene, quiet and amazing atmosphere. Be part of their community and participate to the local activities. Relax on the white sandy beaches with sun lights and crystal clear lagoon, and experience the traditional activities.


Room Types :

Standard Room (size 10 to 12 feet) :

Mathiveri Inn features 3 beautifully appointed guest rooms with fully air conditioned, each including complimentary bottled water, shower, desk, and non-smoking rooms.

The total bed capacity is of 6 adults & 2 children, with 2 baby cots.

The maximum occupancy is of 2 Adults and 1 Child per room.

Room facilities: Air Condition; Voltage 250 Volts; Ceiling Fan; Room Safe and Attached Bathroom



- Snorkeling

Snorkeling in Maldives is one of the most favorite recreational activities. It gives an opportunity to those people who could not dive or do not feel enthusiastic about trying diving, to enjoy the wonderful underwater life of Mathiveri Island house reef by simply wearing a mask and fins. The calm waters around the coral island make snorkeling very easy. The super visibility of the sea, due to its crystal clear waters, enables you to witness the underwater life as you snorkel. The Maldives is considered one of the best places for Snorkeling in the world.

- Sand Bank Trip

On request you will be privately transferred to the sandbank , just 5 minutes away from the Hotel for a private and exclusive time. The choice is yours, an elegant picnic, a table for 2 to enjoy a delicious lunch, have a cocktail or a Dinner at sunset.

- Local Island Trip

You have the chance to visit the nearby island where you can see how the Maldivians live. During this excursion you can do good shopping as well.


- Day visit to Resort

There are many resorts in Ari Atoll and you could see some of them every day as you stroll around the island or lie relaxing on the beach. The full-day excursion offers you the possibility of sampling for yourself the unique beauty of at least some of these. This excursion is offered daily to islands that are about 05 to 20 minutes by speed boat, Dhoni. Different resort is selected for each excursion. Resorts that you could visit: Gangehi Island Resort, Madoogali Maldives, Velidhoo Island Resort and Nika Island Resort.

- Fishing

To experience the satisfaction of catching your own fish, a night fishing trip (offered by the hotel) is the way to go. Your boat leaves before the sunset to find a good spot near a reef. The boat crew will show you how to use the lines, hooks, and sinkers. Mathiri Island Near reef is one of the best reefs fishing area in Maldives for sure you would get fish and make your BBQ on the beach with your catch.


- Dolphin Watching

Spinner Dolphins are the commonest species, and they occur here in their tens of thousands. They have a regular daily routine to their lives, feeding offshore at night, coming into the atolls in the early morning, and leaving again for the open ocean in the late afternoon. This dependable schedule means that it is very easy to find Spinner Dolphins at certain times every day. While nothing with wildlife can be absolutely guaranteed, you will never have a better chance to watch wild dolphins playing in their natural environment than right here in the Maldives.

- Water Sports

Snorkeling (Reef Tour), Scuba Diving - PADI (Accredited) Diving School in Velidhoo Island Resort, Windsurfing Velidhoo Island Resort.

- Entertainment

Discotheque & Live Music in Velidhoo Island Resort.

How to reach :

a)Local Ferry Scheduled Transfer

The local ferry scheduled transfer takes around 6 hours.

Scheduled Transfer by Local Ferry:

Sunday 09:00  Male' to Mathiveri

Monday 08:40 Mathiveri to Male'

Tuesday 09:00 Male' to Mathiveri

Wednesday 08:40          Mathiveri to Male'

Thursday 09:00              Male' to Mathiveri

Saturday 08:40 Mathiveri to Male'

b) Speed Boat Transfer

The speed boat transfer takes approximately 2 hours and is available upon request for every day.

c) Sea Plane Transfer

This transfer can be arranged on request and from Male, you will land to a close by resort around Mathiveri Island, and then it will take some more minutes to reach Mathiveri Island, by boat.

d) Speed Boat Scheduled Transfer

The Speed Boat Scheduled Transfer is every Thursday and Saturday from Male to Rasdhoo, followed by a boat transfer to Mathiveri Island. 






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