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Kuri Inn Guest House 3***

Fishing; Diving; Snorkeling; Desert Island; Following the Dolphins;

Finding Whale sharks + Manta Rays; Barbeque

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The Island :

The "Kuri Inn" guest house is situated in the picturesque fishing village of Omadhoo in the heart of Ari Atoll, a clean and friendly local island. In contrast to the major resorts, on Omadhoo you have the opportunity to experience the real Maldives island life and traditions.

The island is about 3 sq. kilometers with under1000 residents. The house reef surrounding the island is perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving with great live corals and amazing marine life. The island's southwest beach side ends with extraordinary beautiful sand narrow.

Almost 60 % of the island is covered with tropical vegetation such as breadfruit and coconut palms. The western part of the island could be called a real 'jungle' due to a rich abundance of large, banyan trees and tropical palms.


The Hotel :

Kuri Inn has a laid-back feeling with a cozy, secluded patio, comfortable hammocks in the shadows of the palm trees and lounge chairs for sunbathing - and the beach is just less than a minute walk away. The guest house kitchen offers local and European cuisine in the outdoor dining area.

There are 4 comfortable rooms, each with private bathroom and WC facilities, AC, ceiling fan and mini-fridge, a spacious common lounge area with library, comfortable sofas and Wireless Internet connection.


Room Types :

Standard Room :

There are four bright and spacious double rooms, each equipped with AC and ceiling fan, private bathroom and WC facilities, mini-fridge.the rooms are cleaned daily.

Room facilities: In-room AC, Fan, Mini Bar, Hair dryer, bathroom, Hot Water, King Size Bed



- Fishing

Reef fish full day and sunset fishing on alive bate

This type of fishing happens from a big wooden dhoni with a maximal capacity of 8-10 persons. It starts at 5:30 am up to 6:00 pm. First the boat moves inside the atoll to catch the bait fish then the boat stops on tíhla (20 + m depth) a little outside of the atoll boarders and the line gets dropped. It's a long whole or half day fishing. If the bait fish (live fish) is left from the day fishing, is possible to use it for a sunset fishing. But in this case the boat won't go far from the island. Possible catch: Reef fish (red, yellow stripped snapper, grouper, jackfish, trevally, trigger fish, rainbowrunner, jobfish ).

Trolling fishing for a big catch (blue marlin, sailfish)

Fishing starts at 5:30 am up to 10:30 am or in the afternoon from 14:30 till 18:00 by big wooden fishing dhoni equipped for a big fish catch. After a live fish bait catching the dhoni moves far outside of the atoll into blue water to find big size fish as blue marlin (seasonal) and sailfish.

Yellowfin tuna fishing on a big fishing boat

Bait fish catching happens during the night and early morning the boat goes far outside the atoll where the yellowfin tuna big fishing starts. The fishing tools are requested to have by your own since it won`t be possible to rent them on the boat.


- Diving

Ari Atoll is rich with the amazing dive spots known since long time. Great channel dives, beautiful thilas and lots of different fish: tunas, barracudas, sharks, turtles - all you can imagine. The dive spots around the island of Omadhoo are untouched and innocent; the diving team is exploring the area to make you a first visitor into the unbelievable underwater world.

- Snorkeling

This one hour trip out to a nearby snorkeler`s paradise will allow you to experience the wonders of the underwater world. This trips are tailored to suit everyone, morning or afternoon, beginner or experienced snorkeler!

- Desert Island

There are three magnificent desert islands near by the Omadhoo Island. Clear blue water, white sand, great palm trees - the picture of your dream. Feel the adventure and romance; imagine yourself as a real Robinson spending a fabulous day on a desert island. Innocent full of fish and amazing corals reefs where you can enjoy snorkeling, beach volley or just relaxing under the Maldivian sun. As a final touch treat yourself with tasty just-caught- fish barbecue.


- Following the Dolphins

A 60 minute amazing journey on a speed boat searching for joyful Dolphin pods. Try your luck and go and see the most amazing animals in the sea - the bottle-nose, the Spinner pr even, perhaps, The Pilot Whales!

- Finding Whale sharks + Manta Rays

A 45 minutes speed boat ride to the South of the atoll to meet the most generous sea creatures - the whale sharks and the manta rays.

- Barbeque

To add something special to your holiday memories, a special grilled dinner may be arranged in the privacy on the beach or desert island.


How to reach :

a) Regular ferry boat

Duration: 4 hours

*Male - Omadhoo: Every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday

Departure time: 9:00 am; Arrival time to Omadhoo island: 1:30 pm

*Omadhoo - Male city: Every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday

Arrival time to Male: 3:00 pm

b) Regular speed boat

Duration: 1hr 15 min

*Male - Omadhoo: Every Thursday, Saturday and Monday

Departure time: 4:00 pm (Petrol Jetty); Arrival time to Omadhoo: 5:15 pm

*Omadhoo - Male city: Every Thursday, Saturday and Monday

Departure time: 06:45 am; Arrival time to Male city: 8:30 am

NOTICE: Above mentioned options can be cancelled due to the bad weather one day before by the Local authorities


c) Seaplane

Duration: 25 min from the airport to the nearby resort island

15 min by the speed boat to Omadhoo Island; the time will be dedicated to your international flight

d) Private speed boat charter

Duration: 1 hr 45 min

The time will be dedicated to your international flight

The minimum amount 4 persons








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